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How to Solve “Access Denied” Error While You Open Folder

Access denied error

In windows 10, sometimes when we try to work or to have access to files and folders in our system, we do face one or more of the given below issues by access denied error:

  • You receive an “Access Denied” error message or a same type of message.
  • If cannot access to change or save or to delete files and folders.
  • You cannot open a file or folder after you updated to a new version of Windows.


To resolve the given issue, follow bellow steps. Remember that you may not always get an “Access Denied” error message for such kinds of issues.

Access denied issue:

An “Access Denied” error message can occur due to any of the following reasons:

  • When the specific folder ownership has changed.
  • You do not have the required permissions for the file or folder.
  • The file is secured by someone -encrypted.

How to fix:

Open a File Explorer window and go to the folder you need to work on. Go to properties by right clicking on it. In the properties window, select and open the Security tab. At the bottom, find and click the Advanced button. Here, some text will appear which says Owner: but it may be Unable to display current owner with it. Open the Change link which is on the right side, it will change item’s owner.

Now, You can give the permit to people or group who can access to the file or folder. Allow all the PC admins to access the file by typing Administrators inthe Enter the object name to select box or just only one username if you want. Click OK to apply this.

Go back to Advanced Settings, check the box for Replace owner below the Owner field. This confirms that now you have access to that file or the folder and can do anything in it. Click OK to all change.


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