If you have ever tried renaming your MacOS account and the Home Directory, chances are that the simple looking process might have gone horribly wrong with irreversible adversaries. For instance, you try using a nickname for your Home directory just as anyone would do it normally, you may end up with a grievance of a life time just because of a single error.
So if you really wanna do this, make a backup of your important files and then proceed.

04spgmacos sierra a smart persons guidehero Heres how you can safely change a username and Home Directory in macOS

Follow the below-mentioned steps for doing so. Remember, the account whose user name you want to change should not be the administrator account because you cannot rename an administrator account while using it.

  • Log in to the administrator account of your Mac and head to the Users folder on the startup drive
  • Now look for the Home folder for the user account you want to rename
  • Rename it without giving spaces between the name and for your own convenience, write down the old name on a notebook
  • Now enter the username and password when demanded
  • Now on the menu bar, click the Apple icon and select System Preferences> Users & Groups
  • Now hit the padlock and enter the administrator username and password
  • Right-click the user account you wish to rename and then click Advanced Options from the pop-up menu that appears
  • Now change the Account Name and the Home Directory to match the new name you gave the Home folder for which you can take help from where you noted it down
  • Now click OK and close System Preferences
  • Now restart your Mac and log in using the renamed account
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