We all were amazed to see the Windows 10‘s first impression since it was released. Every one of us wanted to have it installed in our PCs to become one of those who is using the latest technology.

pic 23 No Sound Issue is a problem for every next person installing Windows 10   Well, not anymore
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In the craze of getting up to date, we ignored some of the issues in the Windows 10 which became a headache for us later on. One of those issues was, “No Sound Issue“.
Well, if you are having issues with your PC sound in Windows 10, here are some helping points for you to get out of this problem.

Get the Drivers

If you were thinking that Windows has preinstalled all the necessary drivers in Windows 10 then you are probably not right in this case. Like every time, windows is lacking some of the audio drivers. Make sure you re-install them after deleting the previous ones.
Also, try rolling out the driver to its previous configuration by Right-clicking the Start button, then selecting Device Manager. Now, right-click your sound driver-> Properties and then look for the Driver tab. Now click the Roll Back Driver option and you are good to go.

Windows Audio Enhancements

Windows Audio Enhancements are designed primarily to help you out in any of the audio issues. But they are turning out to be the game spoilers which is quite a big error. You can search for it in the start menu by typing “Sound”. It will take you to the control panel where you have to look for the default device and select its properties by right clicking it. Check the “Disable all enhancements” option and Apply the settings.

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pic 8 No Sound Issue is a problem for every next person installing Windows 10   Well, not anymore
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Check the Audio Services

Another very important thing on the to-do list is to go and check for the Audio Services in the Services Desktop app which is accessible from the start menu. Here, search for Windows Audio and restart it by selecting it and pressing the start button. Also, the audio services should be set to Automatic by default.
These are some of the tips that may help you in getting your Windows 10 sound back. Do try them.