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Google Duo latest update comes with audio calls feature

Google Duo

Google released a new update for Google Duo, which brings the version 9.0. Google Duo was introduced last year in August and the application support video calls only.

Google Duo 9.0 now allow users to make the audio call. The app was designed to work on any average device and consume less amount of data usage in video calls. The update is another step to expand its supportto users with poor internet connection and reduce the bandwidth usage.

The update was confirmed by Amit Fulay, project leaders of Google Allo and Google Duo, announced on Twitter that Audio calls is rolling out worldwide now.

Google Duo audio call feature was first introduced in Brazil a few weeks ago, and now it’s available worldwide. Google is ramping to compete with applications like FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp. In short Google Duo can be called Google’s Skype.

To make an audio call from Google Duo, you have to drag the screen by wiping from top to bottom, From the menu, you can switch between audio and video calls.

Google Duo Features:

Simple interface
Pick a loved one and jump right in, with a simple interface that brings video to the forefront.

Knock Knock
See the caller before you pick up with Duo’s live preview feature.

High quality video
Experience faster and more reliable video calls whether you’re on Wi-Fi or on-the-go.

Video call all your friends across Android and iOS with just one simple app.


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