Making GIFs is fun but what if you get the option of making GIFs through your Facebook app? Taking one step ahead of the ‘Facebook Stories’ feature, the social media giant introduced a new feature which allows you to create GIFs through your Facebook app’s built-in camera.

facebook gifs 2 Make GIFs using Facebook app   The apps built in camera does the job for you

It’s Pretty Easy

Yeah! It’s as easy as ABC! To make one, follow the below-given instructions.

  • Open the camera feature of your Facebook app and you’ll see a GIF option, tap on it
  • You’ll see a list of customizable GIFs with various effects and frames
  • Create GIFs of a few seconds and then either save it your device, add them in your Stories or post them on a friend’s wall

Comment GIFs

You can also comment GIFs on a post by choosing one among the various options that you have. Major GIF sources such as Giphy and Tenor provide GIFs from their own database to the Facebook users and the best part is that you can narrow your search down in the desktop version of Facebook by selecting one from the list of trending GIFs.

GIFs Are Becoming Popular on Facebook

Facebook Autoplay GIF Make GIFs using Facebook app   The apps built in camera does the job for you

Facebook is becoming one of the most popular media of sending GIFs as a research shows that around 13 billion GIFs were sent on Messenger, the past year. Similarly, the latest GIF additions in the Facebook app have become viral as a great number of Facebook users have become addicted to using it. Though you can call it as copying other social media tools like Instagram and Snapchat, GIFs have become rather a more precise and funny way of talking.

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