In our Android phone we have lots of apps. So it is obvious that with lots of app lots of notifications also appear. Some of them get skipped without reading. We need to get a track on notifications of apps. For this one of the best ways is to set reminders of these notifications. Follow the steps given below to set notifications reminder.

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Step 1: Set it up

Install the app and give the “Notification access” permission to the app. This will permit installed the app to get access to all of your notifications.

Step 2: Select Apps to Track Notification

Select applications which you want to keep track of and go to the next screen

Step 3: Save or Set Reminder for Notifications

Now you’re ready. When the notification of the above app appears, swipe the notification. Boomerang will give another notification that if you can Save or put on reminder by tapping  Save+Remind.

If you tap Save + Remind then it will give you an option that what next time this notification should appear again. You can set time here.

Step 4: Customizing Boomerang Notifications

You can manually set the Boomerang notification timing, by going to the option that for how much time the notification should disappear. For this, Go to the “Settings” in the application. Here you can see the option to Save Notification active time. Now add your convenient time here. You can also set to get prompts so you can see the saved notifications at the end of the day. You can quickly get a look on your saved notifications.

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Step 4: Set Reminder of Saved Notifications

You can also put a reminder on already saved notifications in the history. For this,do the Long tap on the specific notification and the option to add a new reminder for it will appear. You can also access to the previous saved notification by opening the app.