If you have heard about the amazing features of MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Beta, there are quite a lot of chances that you’ll want it on your Mac. Well, to guide you install the OS here’s a step by step guide for you.

maxresdefault Installing MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Beta on your Mac  Step by step guide
You Need To Get A Clean Installation

In order to avoid the glitches of an OTA update, you must get a clean install on your Mac. If your Mac is compatible to work with macOS 10.13 High Sierra Beta or even just Sierra, you can get it on your Mac by following this guide.

1. Backup Your Data

As usual, the first step for any up gradation involves backing up your data to a secure location so that you can get a chance to get it all back if, by accident, you lose all your data. The important data includes photos, videos, and other important files. Backup may be stored in an external device or in the iCloud if it doesn’t exceed the limit.

2. Make a Bootable USB Drive

Just as you used to install Windows or any other OS through a Bootable USB Drive, you need to do the same here. Well, the process is quite lengthy and crucial, so here’s a complete tutorial for creating a bootable macOS High Sierra Beta USB drive.

3. Install MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Beta

After you are done with creating the bootable drive, rest is all easy and you may even know the procedure already but still, we are listing it here.

  • Turn on the Mac and once you listen to the Mac chime, hold down the Option key
  • From the options in front of you, choose ‘macOS 10.13 Beta installer disk’
  • Now select Disk Utility and for erasing the main macOS HDD or SSD, select ‘Erase’
  • Once done with this step, close the Disk Utility section and select the Install macOS 10.13 Beta option
  • Remember to select your Mac’s internal hard disk as the target location for installation
  • Let the installation be completed and you are good to go
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