Here’s how you Install a Custom ROM on your Android device without a PC

Custom ROM

The best thing about the Android is that you can customize and optimize your device. One cannot increase their device performance on the iOS where on the other hand you can power-up your device performance whenever you want. But I’m not getting myself into a debate which platform is good or which isn’t. I mean if we look at it both iOS and Android are bringing good news for their users. But today I’m going to teach my readers that how can we install a Custom ROM on our Android devices without any PC.

It’s fairly simple, the first thing you need to do is install a Custom Recovery software on your Android device. The process of installing a Custom Recovery is different for different devices so, go to google and type your model number and type Custom Recovery Software with your device model name.

There you’ll find the link there that how you can install a custom recovery on your android device then download the ROM which are ineligibly highest.

Place those in the SD card then switch off your device after that press volume button and power button at the same time and then choose Recovery.

Then select Wipe and after that go to advance Wipe and then wipe everything except your External Storage. After that go back and install the ROM. There you’ll see ROM is on the SD card.

Select that ROM and Add More Zips then, select more gapps and swipe to confirm. Although it will take some time after this process.

After that click on the Reboot System and it will take some few minutes and there goes your successfully installed Custom ROM on your device.


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