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How to refund a Google Play Store payment? Can we really get a refund on apps with in-app purchases?

How to refund a Google Play Store payment?

Apps that cost you money and even those free ones with in-app purchases are different from the totally free ones just because of their added functionalities. Now how would you like if you didn’t get what you paid for? Let’s say you pay for a cool music app which says thousands of songs pre-loaded. But when you open it up, the list is empty. In that case, your money is refundable but you have to act fast. But in such a case where you buy the album and you don’t like his/her voice, that’s not the responsibility of Google Play Store. Same is stated by the general laws of almost every consumer court. If your package is kind of blank, you are able to claim a repair, a replacement or in worst case scenarios, a refund.

Refunding Apps and Games

The maximum time during which you can claim a refund is 2 hours. That means even if you are right about the refund claim, your argument will be invalid after 2 hours of purchase. However, even if you claim after 2 hours and the developer feels like there is really an issue, it’s up to him/her whether to accept the claim or not.

How to Claim The Refund

Now that you know the basic things, here’s how you can claim your refund

  • Head to Google Play Store and tap on the Menu icon to choose ‘My Account’
  • It will show you the list of apps that you just got, choose the one that you want to return
  • Tap on Refund
  • This will lead you to a ‘Do as directed’ screen and in the end, you’ll get your money back in your account once the app has been uninstalled
  • If there is no refund button, it means that the 2 hours limit is gone and now you’ll have to directly ask the developer about the problem

Contact The Developer

If you are confused with the last point and thinking about how to contact the app or game developer for a refund, here’s the way.

  • Look for the app whose developer of the affected app and tap on the respected app
  • Now tap on the Read More option which is present below the install option

Remember: This applies only to the paid apps and the apps with in-app purchases don’t even have the 2 hours limit. You can only ask the developer and if they are courteous enough, your job will be done.

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