Apple’s has provide some great device for music in recent year and Apple Music Apps give you access to more than 40 million track songs.
According to the report issue in September 2016, Apple Music has more than 17 million subscribers. Although the number is half to Spotify’s paid user , but they gain those subscriber in impressive amount of time as Apple Music was launch back in June 2015.

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are excellent for audio music and all device have their dedicated app for Music .iOS device are famous for its music player. iOS 10 is powered with a lot of quality features , which have also improve the Music App.
They have integrate the lyrics option on Now Playing screen.

If you have Apple Music subscription, or you have bought some songs from iTunes,
we have a detail guide how you can view lyrics for those songs.

  1. First of all Launch the Music app in your device .

2. Now play any song from Apple Music or iTunes.

3. Once the song is playing, bring up the Now Playing screen by swiping up in the Music app.

Music Now Playing 1 How to find Any Song Lyrics in Apple Music or iTunes

4. Swipe up a little more on Now Playing screen view till you see the ”Lyrics option. Tap on Show” .


2 3 How to find Any Song Lyrics in Apple Music or iTunes


5.That’s all you can check and view any of you favorite song Lyric on Apple Music or iTunes.

3 1 How to find Any Song Lyrics in Apple Music or iTunes

As there are more than 40 million songs lyrics are currently not available for all Tracks. So if you are listening to a song and you can not find the Lyrics for the specific song that means lyrics aren’t currently available for that track. However you can also add custom lyrics for a song in iTunes.

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