Apple released the all new “True Tone” feature with the launch of iPad Pro 9.7-inch. You might have heard about the “Adaptive screen brightness” and this can be termed as an advanced form of it. It works through the top-notch sensors embedded inside the bezels on the side of the screen. It actually calibrates the environment of surroundings and then matches the screen tone accordingly. As an example, you can try this feature in a room with blue light. Your Apple device’s screen will match accordingly and you’ll have an imaginary view as if you are holding a piece of paper.

pic 271 What is the True Tone feature of Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch? How to enable or disable it?
True Tone feature serves well for casual usage and provides you better user experience. But when it comes to its usage in case of professional work or to be more precise, works that involve color accuracy, this feature might not be the best thing that you’ll want. But you can always turn it on or off according to your own choice and here’s how you can do it.

How To Enable/ Disable True Tone Feature

  • Head to the settings app on your Apple device and select the ‘Display and Brightness’ option
  • As in the updated devices, you’ll be able to see the option named as “True Tone.”
  • The option is basically just a simple toggle switch and you can turn it on or off to enable and disable the feature

When Is The Feature Best Suitable?

If you haven’t experienced the feature yet, you must try it and you’ll then come to know how cool is it. It actually goes very cool on your eyes and you’ll not feel it as a load at all. So if you are thinking of the best time to enable it, you should keep it enabled all the time except only when you are in a need of working professionally.

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