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How Technology is Transforming Our Lives

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Using advanced technologies, businesses can improve and achieve game-changing outcomes.

We are living in an interesting time where the digital transformation is revolutionizing the human landscape. It is an indisputable fact that technology is changing our lives the way we learn and live. The next generation technologies like artificial intelligence, the blockchain, machine learning and more will improve business operations and achieve great outcomes.

Organisations empower employees with information and automation.

According to Dell Technologies, 3,800 business leaders globally to discover how workforce education is evolving. 97% of the Business Leaders believe that by 2030 technology will change the way we learn.

Let us understand how technology has reshaped our lives –

Impact on Education

With live chat supports, smartwatches, and video classes the education centres are getting modernised to augment teacher’s work and making the learning experience more engaging. It seems that the new technology is already telling us how to learn.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are revolutionizing the learning experience.

One of the biggest advantages of such technologies is that they make the learning experience more engaging, inspiring and transformative. They give us an immersive experience and send a strong message. These experiences have the potential to contribute to faster learning, better retention and improved decision making.

According to Dell report, 56% of leaders say that schools need to teach how to learn rather than what to learn to prepare for the jobs that have not been created yet.

Recently, Dell Technologies teamed up with Institute for the Future to project into the next decades, and predict how technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) – will restructure our lives by 2030.

Reshaping the working lives

Due to the emerging technologies such as Artifical Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics and Cloud Computing, the workplace will get a makeover and it will transform our lives. By 2030, the technology will work as an extension of people helping to direct and manage daily activities.

Now, whether it is about finding the right talent or teaching employees new skills, the deeper human-machine partnership will be the force of change by 2030. Dell Technologies commissioned the study to help companies to direct them to an uncertain world and prepare for the future.

Today, digital disruptions are redrawing the industries. For the first time,  global leaders cannot predict how their industry will perform in another few years.

Learning while working

By 2030, the people having more ability to gain knowledge will be valued more than the knowledge people already have. This will help in creating more job opportunities for the workers and they will be able to acquire the skills and knowledge to work successfully. The employees will be able to experiment across different platforms and discover their own workarounds.

Hence by 2030, the reliance on technology will evolve into a true partnership with humans and bring skills such as creativity, passion, and an entrepreneurial mind. The integrated Artifical Intelligence assistants will go beyond and they will take care of us in an automated and predictive way.

Technology will not replace workers, but the process of finding workers will change. The technologies like Machine Learning will make individual skills and competencies searchable and organisation will be able to tap the best talent.

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