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How Google Pixel 4 may handle your calls on hold?

Have you ever spent minutes listening to terribly low quality, tasteless music (or rather sound) just because you’ve been put on hold? Have you had to listen to pointless advice from a prerecorded message, politely telling you to go away or try to solve your problems yourself using an online tool that you’ve tried over and over? 

Maybe you haven’t but you are looking for a creative and effective way to avoid the repetitive messages. These are the messages that are played during the hold-period or during a simple tool to help you maximise that waiting time. Also, you might just be a tech fanatic or sci-fi believer waiting for the coming of the overlord AI. Then you must be very interested in the Google Pixel 4 and the Google Assistant AI.

The Incredible Features of the Google Pixel 4

With the release date so close, Google Pixel 4 is drawing as much hype as it can. Speculations about the available features on the Pixel 4 and the upgrades it will bring with it. Rumours list among its most exciting specs a triple-camera setup on the front and rear while boasting a motion-sensing radar. The latest leaks bring major exciting news: Google Assistant that would handle calls.

The upgrade is said to be able to handle calls that have been put on hold, helping users to monitor hold-period. The Google Assistant will also automate certain contact functions, make reservations, organize calls and avoid the heartbreaking stress. Usually, everyone gets stress from having to listen to that atrocious elevator music. This feature would be a major selling point to sales reps, assistants, and businessmen who spend most of their productive time on the phone.

Imagine being able to multitask while you have when you have been put on hold. Just by activating Google Assistant in Pixel 4 you can ignore that aggravating elevator music. You can make your phone useful with more pressing matters. Google Assistant will alert you if you have been taken off hold or when the hold period is over. This function is sure to make life simpler and easier for Pixel 4 users. Google Assistant will help you organise calls, optimise office time, and improve productivity. 

Ultimately, the fact that you won’t have to listen to terrible music or spend endless minutes waiting for someone to reply to you.

The irritation of being ignored for so long, until the hold-period runs out while you’ve been patiently waiting, waiting for nothing. Google Assistant would also do more than organize calls. It can also make reservations, reach out to contacts, read outcalls, and much more. 

The feature is built to work on Google Duplex, providing it with human-like functionality and intelligence. The Google Assistant can tell the difference between a human representative, a recorded message and another machine. The assistant can also communicate effectively, using human-like speech pattern to interact with other humans.

This makes it a very efficient virtual the assistant that can automatically take care of simple but time-consuming tasks, freeing up your time for other duties.

The Google Assistant feature has all the marking of an artifice intelligence program. Although we are not sure about the inner workings of the code, the call management system would be based on voice recognition. Few programs are as handy as having an AI integrated into your smartphone.

This is easy yo see as an AI would continually upgrade its base code to increase its efficiency and accuracy. You may also multiply the coolness factor by naming your AI Jarvis.

The awesome text to speech function will complete the image of a smart and intuitive virtual assistant that would not only boost your coolness factor but also your productivity. Information reaching us say the Google Assistant is still in the coding and testing stage.

Based on the release dates, a working version of the Google Assistant AI may not be ready in time for the October 2019 launch date. This won’t cause much hassle as the Pixel 4 can be upgraded with the Google Assistant feature.

It is also possible that the Google Assistant may be restricted to the latest Pixel smartphone, but in time older versions and other Androids might also get access to the new feature. With machine learning, the more time available for coding and building the Google Assistant will go a long way to increase its efficiency and functionality.

The Pixel 4 is also reported to possess a 5.7 inch, full HD+ OLED display which supports a 90Hz refresh rate. Pixel 4 users are in for a major treat, with all the exciting features packed in one sexy personal device. The attractive body designs and look makes it worth its price. Its expansive screen and display ratio, awesome front, and rear camera setup, all are tagged with an innovative motion-sensing radar system.


I can already feel a thousand and one assistants and especially sales agents would be revving for the launch date. If the Google Assistant comes late, then all eyes would be looking towards the release of the update patch. 

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