Online Shopping is attracting people form new discoveries, ways and technics, this is limited in clothing and other technology related stuffs like Mobile phone etc. On the other hand on line shopping of home accessories especially home furniture didn’t show any good result in online shopping base. ‘Houzz‘ an interior designing company who is famous for its interior designing app now going to change the trend in online shopping with its new Augmented Reality supporting app.

Houzz App 980x420 Houzz New App Lets You Set A New Virtual Sofa In Your Real Living Room   Video

Houzz new app “View in My Room 3D” support an AR mode which lets you to try the particular furniture before you order it online. This new app is the update version of the company’s “View in My Room” app which supported 2D images and allow users to use 2D images to check up it suitable location that was not a satisfied one, but now the company advance its feature with 3D AR mode which is quite suitable and you will feel comfort after checking using the app. According to CNN Tech, Huang the head of visual technologies at Houzz told them;

“We really think that this is the first true step toward mass-market AR [augmented reality],”

170502085309 houzz 3d shopping 780x439 Houzz New App Lets You Set A New Virtual Sofa In Your Real Living Room   Video

This new feature puts photos of furniture into 3D mode, you whole room will digitise using the app making it seems to be more realistic than the previous 2D mode. This feature is available on updated iOS and is supports on both iPad and iPhone.

Houzz revealed that the app now support more than 300,000 products in AR mode and the company is working for its betterment. That’s all from me, share something from your side in the comment box below.

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