The dreadful event at Florida Hollywood International Airport, five individuals dead, yet one man explaining the media that his unsung hero MacBook Pro spared his life during the shooting. Addressing CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Steve Frappier clarified that he was close to his baggage when he heard the shots and rapidly run to shield himself.

apple macbook blocks bullet florida shooting cnn 751279 Horrifying event : MacBook Pro Saved a mans life from Bullet during Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport Shooting
This MacBook Pro reportedly blocked a bullet fired by the shooter. Photo via CNN

On Friday, January 6th, 26-year-old Esteban Santiago hauled out a weapon from his handled in gear and all of a sudden started shooting at guiltless individuals who were gathered around their baggage from Fort Lauderdale airport terminal’s baggage carousel zone. Santiago – who was later captured – injured eight individuals and executed five.


In any case, even as this alarming occurrence unfurled, a 37-year old man figured out how to marvelously escape by the skin of his teeth all because of his Apple tablet. Steve Frappier was one of the numerous clueless explorers who had a close call as his MacBook Pro protected him from a bullet.

Steve was going out to Atlanta to go to an academic convention. He was conveying his school-issued Macbook pro in his bag for his meeting work, willfully ignorant of how this laptop would be a lifeline for him during this adventure.


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