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Horizon Zero Dawn Full Review; Pros and Cons and a Best Exclusive Game Of 2017

The PlayStation exclusive game that everyone has been buzzing about for the past week or so. Those on the mainstream media and independent reviewers who were giving it and over-hyped it and it was really seem to be getting way more attention then it deserve. Lets talk about pros and cons of Horizon form the start.

First off no one is going to deny that Horizon is a beautiful game and specially on the PlayStation 4. Since this game is designed for this console by Guerrilla Games, who by the way were previously known for franchises such as Killzone. The graphics is absolutely awesome, the steady 30 FPS in most cases but yes once in a while during a heavy fire fight. It made up a little bit for the most part. Popping isn’t really noticeable except for a few parts as you’re going through this beautiful post-apocalyptic open world.

You are going to see a breathtaking environment; on the fly, weather changes, night to day transition and just gorgeous views. I absolutely loved it when I first saw pictures and the trailer of Horizon. The landscapes are somewhat similar to Final Fantasy IV and you can see the things way out in the distance that if you actually walk there you can climb it. I absolutely love that, it’s not like invisible walls.

The open world is there for you to explore right from the get-go and the graphics really do hold up to a 2017 standard, so two thumbs up there. The actual game-play content of Horizon Zero dawn is very varied, you got a main quest which could take you from anywhere from 12 to 15 hours to be, if you just stuck to there. But there’s also a lot of side content which kind of goes off the beaten path especially since the beginning of the game once you get through the three hour introductory segment, you are tossed in to the open world of Horizon and you are able to wander pretty much the entire map.

Of course there’s going to be pretty much higher level enemies and things around that are going to kill you really quickly if you wander into the endgame areas. You are kind of stick around to the earlier parts into a lot of side mission in order to gain extra experience points to level up your abilities. Some of the side quests are pretty typical like go find this random person and some other stuff you may have done in other games.

So out of all that at least in my opinion, I think the side missions are pretty much boring and it’s what we have done in other games as well. But there’s three other content that is something interesting, first of all the tall next, these are giant robots that look like giraffe and if you climb on the top of it, you actually can get a scan of reveal areas of your map and show you all kinds of different missions to do. So, this is new it’s like Assassin’s Creed when you climb at tall building and you see around with eagle vision. It’s kind of a same thing only it’s a little bit creative.

There’s also the cauldrons, these are unique many dungeons that are all roboticized on the inside and when you complete them by usually ending with a pretty epic boss fight. You’ll gain the ability to mind control certain robotic animals.

And then of course there’s a meaning full side contest that you could completely miss out because sadly Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t tell you what a significant side quest is significant or it’s just going to be another boring fetch quest. You can completely miss out different characters if you don’t do the side quest.

At the end of the game every question is answered, no plot holes are going to be left behind. The game is so good if you have played Tomb Raider, Witcher 3 or Farcry Primal you are going to definitely loving this game. Ultimately with all factors considered I give Horizon Zero Dawn an 8.50 out of 10.

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