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Honor 6X – Mate 9 Sales Earn Huawei 10% Share Of Global Mobile Market: Just Think What Happens When P10 Starts Selling Worldwide

Honor 6X and Mate 9

Latest reports suggest that Huawei managed to sell as many as 35 million smartphonesduring the last quarter; earning the Chinese tech-leader third spot among the list of top-three global smartphones manufacturing and selling firms. Surprisingly, majority of the units sold in the last quarter happened to be either Honour 6X or Mate 9, being the top grossing Huawei smartphones. Just imagine what happens when P10 Starts Selling Worldwide; won’t it take the company’s sales sky-high?

The figures suggest that as compared to last year, the company’s sales observed over 22% increase which is not only an honor for Huawei; it also ensured in the company occupies 10% out of the entire global smartphones market.

Huawei P10, we all know had a launch little towards the end of last quarter but being one of the incredibly stylish smartphones; the company can expect its sales and market shares climbing up and further and thus; grabbing further market sure for sure.

When finally the P10 Starts Selling Worldwide, this incredible flagship device is likely to enable Huawei burst forward smoothly and beat the previous year’s sales records i.e. overall 140 million units sold over the whole year.

Huawei’s efforts to make a name in smartphones world must be highly appreciated. Grabbing a fair share in the global market is also great honor;  especially when there are countless competitors out there; always ready to give you tough time by releasing better and newer devices; offering better features than you.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that Huawei’s future seems pretty bright, sunny and promising; after all, the world seems to have finally acknowledged; that company’s high-end products are showing to leave an impact. Let’s wait and see what response awaits Huawei P10 when it is in the reach of everyone, everywhere.

Right now, the product in question is available in the UK only.


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