Honda Co Ltd. Tokyo Japan announced to create Honda R&D centre X for the solution and innovations of value for customers and will officially work in April 2017.The Value may be new technology, self-driving car and other Software. Company announce self-driving car at the start of 2020.

The R&D subsidiary of Honda Motor Co Ltd.will responsible for all kind of patents in form of technology. Honda is looking forward new technological future as the company is excellent with computers.They are more oriented practically as they establish labs so that practice for result robotic technology.

Dr.Edward and Mr.kazuhiko Toyama are consultants of R&D programs. Dr.Edward an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, and Kazuhiko Toyama serving from a long time to new business unit creation.

16 Civic Sedan 104 Honda R&D Center Moves Toward Mobility And Innovation

Honda R&D Center X will focus on automated technologies called “robotics” the machines that work itself and robotic systems. Moreover, research through artificial intelligence will play a vital role in this department. Actually, honda wants to target new generation latest technology in automobiles.

2016 honda civic lx interior view Honda R&D Center Moves Toward Mobility And Innovation

The main focus of Honda R&D is

  • To understanding and relate to people thinking.
  • To provide support for people and grow together with people.
  • The potential of people that will play a vital role.

Honda R&D is more committed for innovations to continue to provide people new experiences and joy for life.

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