We’ve been listening to some discouraging news regarding the increase in prices of computer hardware especially RAM. During the past year, the top manufacturing companies rolled out excellent quality RAMs but with an increased price tag. This was due to the rise in the price of Silicon which is considered as the basic unit of the computer hardware.

DRAM Feature 640x354 RAM prices to go down as much as 5%   Reasons explained!

The Reason Behind This Price Hike

If you look closely at the sales figures of the smartphones in the past year, the graph has been growing at a steady fast pace and almost one-third of the global memory chip market has been acquired by the smartphones. Now because of the reports of the market losing steam, the RAM prices have dropped up to 5 percent and the year 2017 closed at a good note for the consumers.

The Affected Market

This news has affected the share prices across leading memory manufacturers and tech giants like Samsung and SK Hynix have seen a downfall of 7.5 percent and 6.2 percent respectively. Yuanta Securities Korea’s analyst, Mr. Lee Jae-yun spoke to Reuters about this scenario:

Memory chips will likely see a gradual price decline in 2018 if demand remains strong and appetite from severs holds.

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