1 14 Heres why Microsoft keeps talking about Xbox One X as a True 4k Console

Xbox One X is going to be available this year and Microsoft keeps talking about Xbox One X as the only True 4k gaming console in the market. But there’s been a lot of gossips around 4k resolution lately whether that’s native? whether that’s good checkerboard blah.. blah.. People are focusing too much on the resolution, there’s not much of a big difference between 4k, native 4k and checkerboarded 4k.

The thing about Xbox One X that really makes it a true 4k console and why Microsoft keeps talking about this console as a true 4k not necessarily native 4k but true 4k because it not only supports higher resolutions and whether that checkerboarded 4k or native 4k, it doesn’t matter. It also supports 4k textures because it has too much more memory and also other different improvements which is available there because of the extra processing power.

16 7 Heres why Microsoft keeps talking about Xbox One X as a True 4k Console

On PS4 Pro the textures are as same as PS4 but there are some improvements in terms of textures filtering although the textures are as PS4. The only difference is that they may use a different texture filtering and also the fact that the screen resolution is higher the texture looks better. But these are the same kind of textures that is on regular PS4 and the reason behind that PS4 Pro comes with pretty much the same amount of memory as regular PS4. The extra 1 GB of RAM is being used for a 4k buffer which is used for the higher resolution overall not the better textures.

Xbox One X comes with a much more memory and it’ll support a proper 4k textures that will really stand out when comparing games and it’s obvious the difference is going to be vary. Another thing is that there’s also a graphical fidelity kind of changes, settings that developers can bump up to actually gain have a better graphical fidelity.

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