OnePlus 5 is one of the most amazing smartphones of this year and the extraordinary features of this phone are the key to its success. Aside from the general guidelines of shortcuts provided by Android, every device has its own shortcuts and OnePlus 5 has got some of the coolest features too!

%name Have you checked out the system and screen off gestures in OnePlus 5?
Screen-Off Gestures

Besides other cool features of OnePlus 5, the company has included a whole lot of features that can be run using the gestures of your body. This makes it easier for you to use the phone while depending the least on manual ways.

How to Use Them

To start using these cool gestures, you have to grant permission to each of them and for that, follow these directions:

  • Head to Settings and select Gestures settings under Customization
  • A list will be provided there with 2 of them being “System gestures” and 7 being “Screen-off gestures,” you can read them one by one and activate them
  • To mute your device when you turn it onto its face, turn on the “Flip to mute” feature
  • Try “Three-finger screenshot” to take a screenshot simply by swiping three of your fingers across the display

Now comes the turn of Screen-Off gestures and to use them, you have to draw specific shapes on the screen when it is off or you can set different customized multi-touch gestures to pre-define the actions to be taken. The following list can help you determine the actions that can be taken by the help of Screen-off gestures.

  • Drawing shapes such as O, V, S, M, or W to play Music
  • Drawing these characters can also help you open up camera or flashlight
  • Also, you can set a shape to open any individual app as per your choice
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