One thing that iOS fans need to accept that Android is a much better option when it comes to customizable operating systems. From wallpapers to shortcuts, every Android smartphone provides unlimited customization options which makes the Android fans fall in love with their device. Among other Android options, OnePlus 5 has taken the lead in customization because of the options available to its users which make it a better option when it comes to flagship options of the current time.

OnePlus 5 dual camera image 840x473 Changing icons in OnePlus 5   The Oxygen OS is one fine option when to comes to customization
Oxygen OS

Due to the personalized Oxygene OS of the OnePlus 5, we can say that OnePlus 5’s UI is slightly better than the stock Android UI. The tweaked features include cool-looking icon shapes and they do support third-party icon packs. You also don’t need to install 3rd party launchers which actually make your device much slower.

389787 Changing icons in OnePlus 5   The Oxygen OS is one fine option when to comes to customization

Changing OnePlus 5 Icons

To change the icons in your OnePlus 5, follow the below-mentioned directions:
Long press the home screen to pop up options like widgets, wallpapers, widgets, and settings etc.
Choose settings and select “Icon Pack” to show you a demo of the packs available to you
By default, you must’ve got options like “OnePlus”, “Round”, and “Square” and if you want 3rd party packs, there’s an option for those too!

OnePlus’ Distinction

These features make OnePlus 5 a unique options to choose among those boring Android smartphones which have very less to offer in terms of personalization. The Oxygene OS is surely a new thing that needs to be tried and we wish to see it in other Android smartphones too!

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