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Leaked image shows how a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will look like

Just like what Samsung kept doing in the past, Samsung’s latest iteration of the Galaxy ‘S’ Series, the Galaxy S8 is about to get some rugged hardware modifications. According to the company’s convention, it’s almost the time when we will be able to witness a rugged Galaxy S8. Now the question is that how will a rugged version of one of the most delicate smartphones will look like?

Leaked Image Tells The Inside Story

An image has been leaked referring to the Galaxy S8 Active which shows some of the key features of this phone. Though only the front display of the smartphone has been shown in the image, one thing is pretty visible now that the phone will not sport a curved screen.
This is a point to be noted as Samsung exploited this feature as one of the key features in the Galaxy S8 but obviously, something had to be sacrificed to achieve such a rugged and resilient smartphone.

Other Key Features Shown In The Image

While having a look at this photo, following features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Active can be outlined:

  • Larger bezels on the smartphone making their position on the sides
  • Screen to body ratio almost equal to that of the regular Galaxy S8
  • Same design without the home button on the front panel to make it stand out in the Galaxy Active series
  • Shock absorbing rugged corners to turn the most delicate smartphone of the Galaxy lineup into a resistant beast

Expected Features

In addition to what we saw in the image, a tough camo at the back and bigger battery with military standard casing are expected. As the phone is intended to be used in hard and tough conditions, all these things are necessary to make the phone dust- and water-proof. If Samsung doesn’t have any other plans, this phone will probably be available in the coming month.

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