Here comes the Nokia brick, Nokia is re-launching their 3310 phone:

Sometimes the first is better to anything that came later. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wasn’t superior to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Ecto Cooler wasn’t a change on unique Hi-C flavors and the first Nokia 3310 can’t be beaten by your favor cell phones with its chimes and its whistles.

Nokia, who released the 3310 in 2000, is getting over into the telephone diversion and going retro is a piece of the arrangement, as per a report in Venture Beat.

Nokia 3310:

They’re bringing back a 3310 homage, They are redesigning their old phone, almost indestructible telephone for something that is fundamentally the same. Nokia is going to exhibit four new telephones.

“Maybe the most intriguing of these gadgets, in any event from the point of view of portable fans, is not a cell phone by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a cutting edge variant of a great workhorse of a component telephone, the Nokia 3310,” composed Evan Blass at Venture Beat.

DSC08781 zpsc3123034 Here comes the Nokia brick, Nokia is re launching their 3310 phone
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“Known primarily for its plentiful battery life and nearly indestructible build, the 3310 was released at the turn of the millennium as a replacement to the also-popular 3210”.

The 3310 homage is expected to retail for about $62 and people are already getting excited about it. Fantastic advances in technology aren’t always a good thing and this phone, well, it just makes calls and texts. None of this “Fruit Ninja” and work emails nonsense.

HMD Global Oy, the Finnish organization that claims the rights to Nokia telephones, will disclose all the new gadgets on February 26 in Barcelona. They’ll be focusing on Europe with the dispatch. Circulation gets ready for North America aren’t yet certain.

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