The Canadian game publishing studios are doing well for the past few years. If you remember Hellpoint, the Souls-like Sci-Fi Action RPG, its release date is set to be early 2019. What’s even better is that a recent deal between the studio and tinybuild will help them release the game on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch simultaneously.

%name Hellpoint available for an early play at the upcoming PAX West event!

Play the Game at PAX West

A gift for those living in Seattle, Washington who are coming at this weekend’s PAX West is that you can enjoy playing the title at its booth. If you are not one of those, you can enjoy the new trailer!

Gaming Features

  • Surprise your opponent by forging your very own supernatural skill using our revolutionary power crafting system
  • Find your own balance of risks and rewards by performing strange rituals that affects the power and resilience of the enemies
  • Plan and commit to your own network of quantic fast travel checkpoints but think carefully as quantity is limited per playthrough
  • The path you take inside the open-world level design determines which enemies take control of various parts of the station, or which cosmic gods will accept to challenge you
  • A special take on the new game plus design leaves you wondering if you truly discovered the real secret of Hellpoint
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