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Healthcare Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Analysis and Forecast up to 2024


The global healthcare natural language processing (NLP) market is essential, mainly due to the intricate nature of its offering. Transparency Market Research (TMR) made a discovery which reveals that the healthcare natural language processing in its global market comprises of a strong competitive scenery with a lot of powerful market players. The unchallenged position of these top market players in the global healthcare NLP market has been majorly due to their skillfulness with technology and also their ability to execute new plans.

Trends and Market Analysis on Natural Language Processing

Top market players in the global market for healthcare natural language processing would keep investing in the development of better algorithms and research for analyzing human languages. It is expected as it would create a barrier for the operation they are planning to venture into the global healthcare NLP market. As a result, there would be several problems that any new entrants coming into the would face due to the standards put down by those who are already in the market.

It has been discovered by the Transparency Market Research (TMR) that from the year 2016-2024, the global market for healthcare natural language processing would expand at a starry CAGR of 18.805. Also, revenues projected to be accumulated by the worldwide market by the end of 2024 is worth US$4.3bn, increasing from a value of US$936mm in 2015.

The use of Machine Learning Applications in Medical Decision Making to steer demand.

The healthcare industry has derived benefits mainly from the ability of computer sciences and artificial intelligence to interpret natural human languages. The growth and development of the global healthcare NLP market have been fueled by the use of analytic tools and deep learning to interpret medical data and to improve decision making in medicine. There is also an increase in the involvement of patients in the treatment process with the use of natural language processing within healthcare. Therefore, it is safe to say that the rate at which the demand within the global healthcare NLP is increasing is directly proportional to the increasing use of clinical informatics in healthcare.

As a result of the emergence of natural language processing (NLP) in healthcare, another domain within healthcare that has taken a solid shape is predictive analysis. In addition to that, another domain to be signed for the healthcare industry is the Electronic health records (EHR) and the sorting of these records has been made easy through the use of NLP. Thus, for the growth of the global market for healthcare natural language processing, several factors are expected to these growths in the coming years.


Critical Predictions on Healthcare Natural Language processing

The basic growth factors of the NLP market include growth in adoption of cloud-based solutions, an increase in smart device usage, and an increase in technological investments as well as NLP-based application to boost customer service in the healthcare industry.

Services segment to grow at a higher CAGR of during the forecast period

By component, the NLP market has been divided into solutions and services. Properly managed and professional services give room for an organization to maintain healthy consumer relationships. Furthermore, these services help the enterprise to execute activities effectively, maximize their resource usage, which powers up business operations. Services such as support and maintenance are required for growth as an adoption if NLP solutions increase.

Forecast Period: financial services, banking and insurance industry vertical to clench the biggest market size during this period

There is a need for companies across the BFSI sector to cut costs, retain customers to comply with changing rules and regulations, and increase profit. Companies derive benefits from NLP-based products in the BFSI industry by reducing risks through applications majorly in intent passing, retrieval of information, compliance process automation, and customer services, among others. The process of automation using solutions based on NLP has not only benefitted firms in the BFSI sector to enhance quality but has optimized the way companies deal with unstructured and structured data, made interpretation process less error-prone, and received significant customer data which might have absent previously.

Forecast Period: North America to clinch the most significant market size during this period

In the global NLP market, North America has the highest revenue-generating region, with the US having the highest market share during the forecast period. The two major drivers that enhance the growth of the NLP market in the region are the high adoption of technologies and rapid development in infrastructure. Also, in Al-enabled infrastructure, the region and a well-established economy have experienced large scale investments. Due to this, both the well-established companies and the startups are now focusing on developing innovative Al-enabled solutions more to cater to the various verticals. Conditions have been very favorable in the region on account of startup funding, government regulations, interest from enterprises, and a well-known player presence to apply NLP-based solutions and machine learning.

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