We are going to take a look at Nintendo Switch retail unit. The JoyCon are here, its grip is here in the box, and yes of course the device is beautiful as well. To know what is in there in the box about Nintendo switch , and also for the device impression.

Nintendo Switch Is About Unbox

Taking it out of the box and also any plastic wrapping around it and see what essential things you have to do with it, it is ready to install app. Instead, what we have is a console – an actual console – and the special thing about is that it can be fix into your pocket.

IMG 1832 1 Hardware Impressions And Nintendo Switch Unbox
Image source: Nintendo switch

Pleasing there is nothing too much about device tells itself, unfortunately it look similar like the tablet in the market, and the way it made is similar to the high tablet in the market. The side rails of the device where the JoyCons slide in feel sharp and metal – though not sharp enough, of course. On the top you find the Power Button, there is a Volume Control, Heat Exhaust and a headphone jack. Underneath the kickstand there is a Micro SD card port. According to the way it made It doesn’t look very unique or exciting.

The JoyCon

JoyCon is designed very differently in it. The switch makes it the way that its looking very attractive and seems that its a handheld console with fully functional device– and not one of those distrust tablets with gamepad controls simply sticking out of the sides, no its not like that, this is a totally full-fledged gaming console.

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IMG 1835 Hardware Impressions And Nintendo Switch Unbox
Image source: Nintendo switch controller

The JoyCon Grip

The grip fits in your hand without the JoyCon, but with the JoyCon fit in its place have a fully controlled its gaming function– a controller which still trying to manage to be far better than the other controller of the system in the past, without standing being a unique modular design. I’m sure most of the gamers buying a Switch will satisfy their most games.

The Dock

It is true that the Dock is a stylish kit of the game. It fit very nice under your TV and any other device around your gaming console. The Switch inside the dock soft-locks into place, it is comfortable that you can almost hold the dock vertically before the Switch falls out.