Security pattern is an easy alternative of mobile security PIN. It is easy to draw a pattern to unlock a screen rather than to punch security key each time you want to if you think your security patterns are secure think once again.

unnamed 1 Hacker can crack your android lock pattern in maximum 5 attempts university study
android lock pattern

A group of researcher from Lancaster University, Northwest University in China, and the University of Bath has conducted a research on lock pattern security reliability.They found that to crack security pattern is just a game of five attempts, the interesting and shocking factor which they release is that the complex lock pattern is the more easier is to crack.

Many people still deemed it it a great security feature although they have finger print scanner in there phone as well.Yes it is easy to draw than to punch a security code.They used the dots on mobile screen where the finger stops or ready.Always get ride of these dot before lock the phone for safety.

Hacker cracks the code by using algorithms:

Researcher were able to crack the security code by noticing the pattern on mobile screen.They have carefully analyzed the finger print movement and filmed the style of 120 different users.Interesting to know is that they were able to crack 95 % of codes in just first five attempts.

samsung security flaw allows attackers to bypass lock screen Hacker can crack your android lock pattern in maximum 5 attempts university study

The researcher have shown a fear that this method may use hacker and thieves both to unlocked stolen phone and to get access to data. The pattern of phones could be filmed on the rushy and crowded places where no bother to notice it’s surrounding while making a pattern. Some one can remember as well as film the pattern you used. Pattern lock is very easy and popular security code used in android phones. While people uses security pattern for their mobile accounts and bank accounts for financial  transactions. This is more risky other than the mobile security.

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Easy to crack complicated patterns:

The group of researcher have also said that it is more easy to crack the pattern which are more complicated because it narrow down the draw patterns. So it might be safe to draw a short and simple pattern. Android can also cover their finger while unlocking the mobile phone or change their screen brightness to get ready for the attack.