Samsung’s Produce some of the best SmartCam which dispense a wide coverage range and plain access to the camera. The Smartcam are install on a Large scale . Home , Offices and business avail Samsung product for surveillance and security purpose. The SmartCam are easily accessible from smartphone and local (non-cloud) storage .

smartcam1 980x653 Hacker break into Samsung Smartcam HD Plus for the second time with iWatch Root Exploit

The latest Samsung Smartcam HD Plus camera is exposed to some vulnerability . After the launch the camera was exploit by .The hacker group gain access to the root of camera by inserting a malicious file through the iWatch which  allow the full access to the camera .

The former (GTVHacker) Exploiteers team has already expose and found vulnerabilities in the Samsung SmartCam devices in the past.

Exploiteers  group draw the attention Samsung however the company abolish the whole Web admin interface through which customers use to configure their camera.

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