The CIA, FBI and the department of Homeland security, the Office of Director of National Security and NSA has spent much months trying to convince everyone that Russia gone through a campaign to effect the results of the year 2016 US elections. The agency claim to have “high confidence” on the campaign that was ordered by Russia head of state Vladimir Putin Himself. Nevertheless, new reports says that the FBI has never even examined the servers of the DNC (democratic National Committee) to investigate the blamed cyber attacks. Earlier this week, an anonymous Official of US intelligence told BuzzFeed about the US government entity ran an independent forensic analysis on the structure. While on the issue FBI haven’t commented yet.

DNC – FBI Public Spat and high road being taken by President Trump

DNC stated that the bureau never asked to hacked servers for access. Eric walker, the DNC`s Deputy communications director said:

“The DNC had a few meetings with agents of the FBI’s Cyber Division and its Washington (DC) Field Office, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, and U.S. Lawyer’s Offices, and it reacted to an assortment of collaboration with request, yet the FBI never asked for access to the DNC’s PC servers. Starting at the time the interruption was found by the DNC, the DNC coordinated completely with the FBI and its examination, giving access to the greater part of the data revealed by CrowdStrike, with no points of confinement.”

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An independent analysis which has not been happened is affecting whole Russia-hacked-US story because of that we only have the findings from the private sector. The last week of December, 2016, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI had released a report which is publicly accusing Russia of being the cyber attacker behind this, following with, Washington has expelled 35 of the Russian diplomats and also issued a sanction against the Russian intelligence officials and the diplomats facilities in the US. it was an amazing disclosure that the agencies never actually have conducted an independent analysis on the given reports.

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In an astonishing standoff, the FBI came ahead and said that not only the bureau has requested to the hacked servers but was denied by the DNC.

“The FBI over and over worried to DNC authorities the need of acquiring direct access to servers and information, just to be repelled until well after the underlying bargain had been relieved. This left the FBI no decision yet to depend upon an outsider for data. These activities brought on huge delays and restrained the FBI from tending to the interruption prior”.

DNC, nevertheless, says public expectorate over the hacked servers was a mere misunderstanding, but it fails to respond to it, why, because the bureau has denied the access.

“The is no grudges between the DNC and Bureau. I don`t know how thi happened, i don`t know where that came from”

The authorities claimed that they have “cooperated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation 150%”

“They’ve had access to anything they want. Anything that they desire. Anything they’ve asked, we’ve cooperated. If anybody contradicts that it’s between Crowdstrike and the FBI”.

it is unclear if it’s common practice for the intelligence agencies to rely on the forensic analysis provided by private companies. In this case, CrowdStrike was hired by DNC to investigate the hacks in the summer of 2016. DNC had paid CrowdStrike $267,807 for consulting, maintenance and other services from May through August 2016. Without direct access to the network, federal investigators had to rely on the findings of CrowdStrike. While DNC hack analysis could only be attributed to CrowdStrike, latest reports from the intelligence agencies cover a broader range of concerns including propaganda arms, leaks, and others.

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russia us investigation hack election data Hacked DNC Servers were Never Actually being Examined By FBI   Trump States that US Needs to Act Aggressively on Cyberattacks.via:

The US intelligence agencies believe that the DNC hacks and the subsequent release of stolen emails was only a part of a broader effort by Russia to influence the US election. The highlight of this public saga is Donald Trump (somewhat) agreeing with the intelligence community. Today, Trump received a briefing from the heads of the US intelligence community on the assessment that carries classified information linking Moscow to the election influence campaign.

A public, declassified version of that report was released on Friday. The elected president called a meeting “constructive” didn’t explicitly said if Russia was to be alleged but in addition it has a “enormous respect for the work and service done by the women and men of this intelligence community to our great nation”. The president Trump also said that he will gather a team to guide him a plan with in 90 days of taking over the office which agreed with the intelligence agencies for not publicising the evidence and stated that country’s safety and security will be his first priority.

“The techniques, instruments and strategies we use to guard America ought not be an open dialog that will profit the individuals who try to do us hurt. Two weeks from today I will promise of office and America’s well being and security will be my main need”.