While the whole world is excited and all set to have Nougat update on their Android devices, Samsung S7 leads the run as official update is announced and most parts of the world have started receiving it already. Here are some of the guidelines for updating your S7 and by the end of this article you will be able to find out whether you want this update in your S7 or not.

It Makes Your Device More Secure

When we say “Secure”, it’s the “Samsung Secure”. Now, what does that mean? Well, Samsung cares for its customers and for that reason, they provide its customers with the regular security updates every month. So to increase your security level every month, Nougat is a must have.

pic 14 Reasons Whether you should or you should not install Android Nougat on your Samsung galaxy S7
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Enjoy Galaxy Note 7’s Features in Your S7 To The Fullest

Adding more to the “Security”, Galaxy S7 can have the functionality of “Secure Folder” exactly like the Note 7’s. The Secure folder provides you the facility to save your important data in the phone and prevent it from being accessible to anybody else. For this, upgrade your S7 to Nougat and download Secure Folder from the Galaxy Apps Store.

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Get Rid Of The Problems You Were Facing in Marshmallow

Android always has something new for its customers and they are always in a try to improve their services. For that purpose, every new android version is better than the previous ones and hence gives you better user experience. Minor bugs and errors like lagging and random reboots have vanished now in this update.

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Try To Avoid Nougat Update If You Are One Of These

Don’t know Much about Nougat update? Well if this is your case, we recommend you not to update your phone at once. Take your time, study about the update and then install it. The reason is that this update has different impacts on different devices so you never know how is it going to affect your device. It is important to have all your files backed up.