A new guide feature is introduced by the social network that allows users to highlight the specific feature of video before posting it. Alongside a bigger update to Facebook publisher tools a feature is launched which includes new set of features that will allow the page owners to see more of the detailed stats around how their readers are communicating with their video content. The 360 degree videos which you can see below is built to make things easier for people viewing the clips to find the interesting yet main parts. Unlike a video viewing a 360 degree you see in a headset, the spherical clips being watched on the web may be less instinctive for the users.

With the new tool being introduced, any individual who posts a 360 video on Facebook can recognize the particular parts of the clip they need to direct users to during the video. At the point when the guide showed by a round image on the right side of the video is empowered, the video will naturally move to preset zones of the clip. The feature is empowered as a matter of course, yet users can opt out in the event that they like to “control” the video themselves. Facebook is also giving another tool called Heatmap for 360-degree recordings that have more than 50,000 views.

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Heatmap tracks which parts of a 360 video have been viewed the most and gives a representation that demonstrates the “most sweltering” parts of a clip. 360 video aside, Facebook is likewise giving publishers new analytical tools that offer a significantly more thorough viewing of their video substance, and how they are associating with it. Another gathering of demographic dashboard will demonstrate minutes saw separated by age, area and sexual orientation for any given video. Adding to it, the page owners will then be able to keep the tabs on whether the views of video came directly from another page or from their own post or the user sharing it.

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For live video Facebook is also providing new analytics, with tools that tracks moments in a live video garnered the most comments, likes and reactions. Some of these video measurements may sound unpleasant. That Facebook knows precisely when, where and how users are consuming videos and might be off-putting to a few. While, it fits in nicely with Facebook’s objective of a network with video-dominancy. What’s more, as Facebook proceeds with that push into video, tools like these will be progressively imperative to the system’s publishers hoping to pick up support with the site’s perpetually changing News Feed calculation.

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The organization as of now has manages numerous media organizations to pay them to deliver live broadcast, and in March, the organization reported it would rank live videos higher in News Feed. recently Facebook reveals that it may begin on experimenting with the commercial breaks during the live broadcasts. But if serious money they are hoping to make off their burgeoning video business, they will need a much better understanding of how the users are consuming the content of the video.