Whatsapp has been regarded as most trust medium of communication because of it’s end-to-end encryption.In a report of Guardian some security loops has been identified by security researcher.

Manisha Ganguly wrote a report about whatsapp security loops.The research has been conducted by privacy campaigners and revealed that vulnerability.The reporter claims that it enable Facebook and government to read and change the encryption of messages.The report has been proved a bomb among the users because it is regarded as gold standard of security.But reporter has dutifully pointed out security updates even a single app’s protocol.

As per the report Whatsapp can generate the encryption even when the user is offline.It is quite confidential from user they do not know when how much the encryption has been changed.

The flaw was reportedly pointed out by Tobias Boelter, a security researcher at the University of California Berkeley.

nexus2cee whatsapp encryption popup 728x315 The Guardian publishing an explosive story about whatsapp: encryption security vulnerability has been revealed by privacy campaigners


The critique on article has been made is that it has misinterpreted security encryption. Whatsapp explain the feature has been designed to decrease the risk of loosing texts in certain conditions like when users changes phone or SIM card.Zeynep Tufekci the most vocal critique explained the Ganguly’s report the lack of information of report and supported his argument that another messaging app also uses the encryption messages.he also argued that expected behavior makes whatsapp more reliable medium.the encryption has been certified by cryptographer they signed the open letter to misunderstanding Guardian report.Tufekci argued to Boelter as a just university graduate student whose inexperience and desire to discover an issue in one of the world’s popular apps led him make faulty and exaggerated estimation.

In the end guardian tried to remove backdoor and labels and said that this app does not gives access to governments. Tufekci in her Twitter site asked Guardian to revoke the story.According to her this report has sent many insecurities to many of users serious and life threatening effects.