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GTX 1080Ti To Feature A Slightly Different GPU Named Pascal GP102-350

GTX 1080Ti

Official renders of the upcoming GTX 1080Ti are out, along with the reference PCB that Nvidia has used, on the founders edition of the GTX 1080Ti. If you don’t know the upcoming GTX 1080Ti is not using the same GPU found on the GTX Titan XP. Instead GTX 1080Ti uses a slightly different GPU code-named Pascal GP102-350.

Even though the base and boost clocks are not officially out yet. But at this time we are pretty sure that the upcoming GTX 1080Ti, will have a base and boost clock of 1480 and 1582 respectively. Where Nvidia also showed us the card, running on a 2 GHz overclock at 63*C.

Judging from the PCB renders we can clearly see, that both the GTX 1080Ti as well as the GTX Titan XP. Use the same PCB design codenamed PG611. Now looks at the DVI-D port that is missing on the GTX 1080Ti unlike the GTX Titan XP. This kind of proves that both are using the same PCB with no design changes, being done to the PCB of the GTX 1080Ti. Maybe Nvidia decided to remove the DVI-D connector, in order to save up some space for better cooling. As the connector was taking up a lot of space. Also blocking most of the hot air being exhausted out of the card. Perhaps this is how Nvidia was able to achieve better cooling on the GTX 1080Ti.

For those of you who still use a DVI-D port, there is no need to worry. Because HDMI to DVI-D connector would be included with every GTX 1080Ti. Aside from that there is also a memory module missing on the GTX 1080Ti, marked as red, unlike the GTX Titan XP. Proving that the upper PCB is of the GTX 1080Ti. As the card is equipped with 11 GB of GDDR5X RAM, instead of 12 GB on the GTX Titan XP.


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