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GeForce GTX 1080 Ti unveiled; DX 12 Driver, Official Specs, Final Fantasy XV Demo and Price

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

The Geforce 1080 Ti has finally been revealed, and it’s going to come to the market for $699 which is relatively expensive but it’s supposedly as powerful as the Titan X. It’s got 11 gigabytes of GDDR5 X memory and it’s got a boost clock of 1582 mhz. All this information is available on the NVIDIA’S website.

We have been waiting for the announcement of the 1080 Ti for a while now. The founders edition like I said will be coming out relatively high $700. So, this is obviously for the most enthusiasts PC gaming builds and at the very least with the 1080 Ti you should be gaming at 1440P. This is the GPU that you get to do some 4K gaming and yet don’t be buying a 1080 Ti to do some 1080P gaming. I mean that would be just a colossal waste of money.

Pricing of GTX 1080 Ti

The 1080 Ti is for those who wants the highest performance possible at the highest resolution possible. The 1080 Ti while I like to have one for my self $700 is a little too expensive and like I have always said I’m more of a fan of focusing on the budget and components. And the components that the majority of people are going to actually picking up. But nonetheless I’m sure for those of you that want the highest-end product possible to 1080 Ti, it’s gonna be an insane video card. The performance is going to be absolutely top tear for the money.

DX 12 Nvidia Driver

And finally NVIDIA is also bringing out the GameWorks DX 12 driver, that is very exciting because NVIDIA has been lacking in DX 12 performance. The official statement from NVIDIA says that “GameWorks™ DX12, a collection of resources for game developers that will increase realism and shorten product cycles in titles designed using DirectX 12, Microsoft’s API that unifies graphics and simulation.” In the statement they also reveals an upcoming game ready driver optimized for Direct X 12 games. The company refined the code in the driver and work side-by-side with game developer to deliver performance increases of up to 16% on average across a variety of DX 12 games such as Action Of Singularity, Gears of War 4, Hitman, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Tom Clansy’s: The Division.Y

Final Fantasy XV Demo for PC

Also very interesting news; there’s been a demo of Final Fantasy XV running on the GTX 1080 Ti so, that confirms that this game will eventually be coming to PC. I think that was a forgone conclusion for a while now. It’s a very technically impressive game on console, it does have technical shortcomings. The thought of being able to play this game on PC at 1440P 60FPS, that’s just absolutely mind blowing to me because this is one of the games that set the technical bar really high for this generation and it wasn’t available on PC at launch.

Hopefully when Square Enix does bring this game on PC, it’s a quality port, it performs well, there’s no stupid limitation, no dumb DRM’s. I mean if Final Fantasy XV comes out and it has the quality as same as the gamers want, I think it’ll be all over on the Steam and it’ll be one of the best selling PC game of the year.


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