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GPU Mining’ revived by AMD -The cryptocurrency miners leave the distributors of RX 500 series graphics cards out of stock


AMD seems to be bringing back the trend of GPU mining as it almost went extinct nearly 2 years ago. GPU mining was a great technique to solve the block chain equations that is one of the key steps in mining Bitcoin and Litecoin. Chinese ASICs brought a solution for this problem and the world’s attention from GPU mining almost wiped out. Now, the AMD graphics cards seem to be bringing back the same trend again.

RX 500 Series Cards in The Game

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that RX 580 and RX 570 of the RX 500 series are the key players of the game. The 2 stars from the recently released AMD’s series of cards have actually created a mining craze among those who know the worth of these cards in cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin and Litecoin are termed as the Gold and Silver of cryptocurrencies respectively, the mining game is about to change now.

ASIC Resistant Coins

As we witness more ASIC resistant coins in the market, the GPU mining seems to be taking over the current method of mining. The key player here is the Ethereum who’s price has grown almost 3 times in a very short span of time. To cash the moment, AMD is now directly advertising to miners.

Why AMD in The Business?

According to the previous studies, AMD GPUs were the biggest stars when it comes to ROI as compared to NVIDIA which is a bit behind. Though the gap between the two performers is not a big one, still AMD is preferred in Etherium mining as the startup cost in Nvidia is way more than that of AMD. So why look for the expensive options when you can do your work in a quite lesser amount.

RX 500 Series Cards Going Out of Stock

As the growing GPU mining needs demand more graphics cards from AMD, it seems like the investors were all ready to grab the most out of the series just after the release. As per today, almost all retailers in North America and Europe are out of stock. Those who are in desperate need are willing to buy the second hand AMD graphics cards at a price that is nearly 2-3 times higher than their original worth.


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