China is cracking down the virtual private networks (VPNs) as providing”Great Firewall” to the internet users. The Chinese Government is taking steps to control over the news and post again the country.

The Great Firewall filter and will block the websites with any propagation or protested news about the country. The undesirable post from the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter will be blocked.

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According to the report, China’s Nation’s ministry of industry and information technology, announced that any local VPN server without the permission of the Government will not entertain the web services otherwise it will be considered as illegal. The ministry referred as a 14-month “clean up” for the internet services.

According to the report, ministry of China stated as,

The crackdown is designed to “strengthen cyberspace information security management. China’s internet connection service market,” the ministry said, “has signs of ­disordered development that ­require urgent regulation and governance.”

Most of the business of the advertisement of their product and services choose the social media tech giant to connect all around the world. They depend on the VPNs to connect with other user. The China Government does so that is destroying the local business and if not stop doing this, the economy may suffer a lot.’s Charlie Smith said about the domestic players in the China as:

“Foreign ones will be largely unaffected unless they offer their customers a China server, in which case they will probably have to register in China or drop the China server,” he said. “Most of them will do the latter. Chinese VPN users know they are accessing information the authorities deem ‘inappropriate’, so potentially they could put themselves in danger if their service provider is working closely with the authorities.”


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