Released on September 17, 2013, the Grand Theft Auto 5 still rules the hearts of gamers and according to the latest report, it is the highest grossing media title ever with a gigantic figure of 90 million units sold until now!

The Best-Selling Controversial Title

grand theft auto v most profitable 01 480x320 With 90 million units sold up til now, Grand Theft Auto V is crowned as the most successful media title of all times!
Though it was a bit controvertial title since its release, it couldn’t hinder in its path of success. The addictive gameplay has made it not only the best selling video game but the most successful media title of all time.

The 90 million sold units have helped the Rockstar games generate a healthy revenue of up to $6 billion. If you couldn’t get the term “Most successful Media Title.” the game has actually beaten all the movies, albums, books or any other video game to date!

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