Looks like GPU business is on a boom this year. With both MSI and Asus shipping around 5.2 million units. Where Gigabyte is also up there with 4.5 million units being shipped. While Colorful came in last with 4.1 million units shipped.

The recent boom in GPU sales mainly rose with the awareness of crypto currency mining. Which requires a GPU to power it and is in business since April. This rise in crypto currency mining also gave arise to vendor shipments. Which are still growing as we speak.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8 Pin Connector GPU Manufactures Likely To See Rise In Demand Throughout The Year

Aside from the big brands other GPU manufacturers are also seeing a rise in shipment. Which include companies like Palit, Galaxy etc. Which are expected to reach a total shipment of 7.5 million units this year. Colorful a GPU manufacturer is also fixated on China for now. Which is the biggest buyer of Colorful branded graphics cards. While EVGA is currently the largest card vendor in North America.

According to recent reports pricing on graphics cards are finally settling down. This means that GPU demand might also settle down. Though graphics cards are still in short supply. Mainly including the models that are better at mining. This includes the AMD Radeon RX 400 and 500 series. While the recently launched AMD VEGA lineup is also in shortage. Mainly due to the mining craze that is on the rise. While the stock that is available right now is being sold at sky high prices.

GPU GPU Manufactures Likely To See Rise In Demand Throughout The Year

The launch of the GTX 1070 Ti from Nvidia might also bring down the overall shipment. Because then PC owners would finally have a better choice to go for. Because being a $400 to $450 graphics card, the GTX 1070 Ti would sure be a great offering. Considering that  AMD VEGA lineup is being sold for a higher price than its MSRP.

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