Terra Bella is not a Google subsidiary anymore since the same has been sold out; the satellite imaging division now belongs to Planet Labs. Confirming its acquisition Planet said the SkySat constellation is also included in the deal; comprising of seven ‘high resolution’ satellites.

RANGE conops Googles Satellite Imaging Business Terra Bella To Be Acquired by Planet Labs

Terra Bella CEO (and co-founder) on Friday made an official statement to confirm the Google – Planet Deal. Will Marshall, who looked pretty thrilled and excited about the agreement explained that Terra Bella achievements have always been admired at Planet . He further added that inclusion of SkySat will definitely improve both; Planet’s working ability and its existing fleet of satellites.

Google used Terra Bella subsidiary for various purposes such as acquiring commercial, high-resolution ‘Earth observation satellite imagery’ or ‘high-definition video’ and ‘analytics services’ etc.

Sharing his views on the satellite imaging business deal, co-founder Terra Bella John Fenwick said that Planet and Terra Bella possess different satellites though but the vision they share is similar. ‘On the whole, we both try to bring unique capabilities,’ noted John adding, ‘The deal between Terra Bella and Planet simply ensures further success and continuation of a mission both the companies share; and makes our business relationship ever-stronger.”

The low orbit is filled with large number of Planet satellites, always busy in taking images and making videos round the clock; for Planet to sell the same to interested ones;  what if the resolution of images taken by these satellites remains pretty low.

However, since the larger, more effective and efficient Terra Bella satellites belong to them now, Planet Labs will definitely be able to overcome the issue of low-resolution images/videos.

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It was in 2014 when Terra Bella (the then SkyBox Imaging) was acquired by Google for lucrative $500 million; the deal was in a bid to boosting their Google Maps service.