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Google’s making a comeback with Google Assistant; Tips, Tricks and a quick tour


One can now make their life easy by using Google Assistance since it is now on every Android smartphone which has the latest version of Android which is Marshmallow.

Here what we are going to talk about is Google Assistance, obviously the flagship software feature for the latest Android version. Hopefully if it’s useful it’ll help you get things done throughout the day, make your life easier that sort of stuff. Hence the assistance part of it.

Let’s talk about it, so what exactly one can do with the Google assistant, well it is a number of things: First though you need to train it to understand you when you say anything and it’ll pop up. Even with screen off phone you can say “Okay Google” and it’ll wake up. So, Google assistant though is activated with a simple voice command and once you get the voice command down is when the fun really starts to happen.

For example you can start off by saying “OK Google what do I have to do today?” and you’ll see there. Google then will pulls up whatever you have stored for your day in your calendar.

The idea here is that to start the conversation with the assistant and then if you need additional answers, it just continues to help provide those. If you want a shopping list, Google assistant will auto create it. It is kept in Google keep so, if you want to find it later on.

Another good thing that is going to be very useful is setting up an alarm. It’ll even tell you the distance of your desired location. One of the things Google showed in their demo’s is telling your combo and asking again from it and it’ll tell you your combo.

It even open apps, you can get it to do a lot of different stuff. It’s obviously again very much like all of the voice actions that were in Google search and Google Now, that sort of area previously and it’s now just consolidated in one area which is called the Google Assistant. The more you use it Google says the better it’ll become.


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