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Google’s Fuchsia Is Going to Replace Android Version, With New Built-Kernel “Magenta”

Google Fuchsia

Google Fuchsia has really a mysterious operating system different from android or Chrome OS as these are link with Linux, but Fuchsia is built on Google’s new built kernel “Magenta”. On Tuesday Ars Technica revealed the details about the new mysterious operating system of the giant company.

The Fuchsia was uncovered far before in August, so it took so long to come out of the command line as it is design perfectly. According to Business Insider report, Fuchsia is designed specially to work on “modern phones and modern personal computers with fast processors” with “non-trivial amounts of RAM.”

Generally when we open any app or window in android the whole screen get covered but here the case looks like totally different. From picture provided and video we can judge that the new app and windows open in it just like in Apple’s Mac books, pop up or over lying on the screen without covering the space of whole screen, it looks quite good, whatever.

And of course Google assistant is also working on Fuchsia, to help you where you stuck to find anything or feeling bored to type any particular word/s just do ask Google Assistant , it will guide you.

We can not say anything more about Fuchsia that whether the giant company replaces it on android or when it will be released out from Google’s store room. On few things are revealed now about the system, in fact only the video and screen shorts images. And the company said only the following words about the project.


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