Google is the world most valuable brand, knocking down Apple to the second place.

%name Google is the World Most Valuable Brand Than Apple
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Google secured the top position after a 24% yearly increase saw the brand valued at $109 billion, according to the Brand Finance Global 500 list.

After five years at the top list, Apple turned to second place after its brand value jumped 27% to $107 billion. Despite this, Apple announced this week that we had seen its most successful quarter ever.

It is reported that Apple’s “failure to balance technological advantage” specifically under rise in competition from brands such as Samsung and Huawei. Where Google remains “Big Competitor in its core business” as advertising expense increased 20% in 2016″.


Samsung proved the value its brand is stronger than a global brands as the 6th position, a 13% rise up the last year to $66 billion, while Facebook served 8 places to rank 9th, with a brand value of $62 billion dollar, an 82% increase in a last year.

Although, it was the Chinese brands that shows some of the largest growth in brand image and values. Alibaba rise up to 94% to 23rd most valuable global brand at $35 billion, and WeChat rose its value 103% to $13 billion dollar to take the 100th position.

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A total 16 Chinese brands were categorised in the top 100 list with China’s ICBC bank and company of telecommunications China Mobile both maintaining positions in the Top 20 (10th and 11th, respectively).

Lego takeover its position as the world’s most famous and powerful brand, knocking down Disney to sixth position behind Google, Nike, Ferrari and Visa.

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According to the latest updates from Brand Finance Global 500 report, Google takeover Apple and takes the top position according to an annual research of the planet’s famous brand. Google has its brand value rise 24% to $109.5 billion in 2017 from $88.2 billion dollar in the year 2016.

Now according to all the data Google is the famous and valuable brand these days and leading a best company in the world which serve their customers 24 hour.