Android users reported issues in the backup system for many times, it seems that the Android system failed in its backup system. The users are expecting from Google to give a solution for the android backup system with the next version of the Android. With the backup data, the users want to save their data without updating any data time to time.

According to the report, Google says that Android backup on Marshmallow and above only backs up information like Wi-Fi passwords, device settings, app data, call history and more, but if the devices is not used for about sixty days, the data will automatically delete from the backup of the device. The all information is shared by the Google in its support documents. Google claims that all information of user backup will keep save for a limited time and than it will automatically removed.

%name Google will remove your backup data on the inactivation of your device after sixty days

Moreover from the report, on of the Reddit user Tanglebrook reported that his Nexus 6P device has some issues in the backup of the data, he terminated the Nexus 6P and rushed to iPhone. With his message, he wanted to be aware of the company policy where after a two months your devices will lost the data for the backup without using your smartphone as Tanglebrook get his new device setup after sixty days.

As a token of notification, Google starts a countdown for backup deletion in your Google Drive when your phone goes unused for two weeks straight. You can reset this timer if you turn on your device or log into a new Android device, but if you don’t then the backup will get deleted in 60 days.

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