The ride sharing industry started from Israel and San Francisco has now spreading out in US and Latin America as well.
The ride-sharing industry is growing very fast and it is expected that its worth will reach to $6.5 billion by 2020.
• Google’s Waze App pool service makes use of navigation app and allow the drivers to carry riders with them who are routing in the same direction.
• Google’s Waze carpool service contains contact information about the drivers and also provides a list riders who are on the same go.
• Riders will pay 54 cents per mile far cheaper than Uber.
• Waze will not be a part of even a single cent of the earning until the service get popular.
• Being a connective device, the app requires no screening of the drivers and take nothing from the drivers earning.

w1 Google Waze Carpool App Takes over Uber and Lyft by Ride sharing Expansion :

Finally Google Struggle Has beard Fruits :

Google was working on for quite a long period to come up with a ride-sharing service at much cheaper rates. As a result of this struggle, the carpool app hit the ground on August 2016, when the success of Uber and Lyft proved that people have no issue in travelling with the strange riders.The app is thought to be expanded in all areas of San Francisco once it gain success to let people enjoy a comfortable journey at quite low rates.

Waze Carpool service is far differ form Uber and Lyft as it doesn’t serve as a usual Taxi driver. A few cents are charged by the driver to share the cost of petrol and allowing the riders to become a part of their journey.

Uber self-driving car rolled through a red signal - the technology and not the driver is guilty!
www Google Waze Carpool App Takes over Uber and Lyft by Ride sharing Expansion :

As Bardin stated that In case if the service get popularity then they may start taking 15% of the fee earned.
It is hoped that the launch of such apps would result in a decrease of vehicles-ownership. Moreover, it will let people enjoy such services resulting in a decline of the number of cars on the road.