Google recently launched their Google Pixel, which was the first phone to be made by Google themselves. It was the best that Android had to offer. Now it’s the year 2017 and Google is gearing up to launch Google Pixel 2 soon we hope. But in order to do that Google needs feedback of its customers.

No the company is not launching any campaign like kick-starter or anything, what Google basically is asking for is the help of their customers. Things like what they would like in the next Google phone both in terms of hardware as well as software.

A question was posted by the product leader of Pixel named Krishna Kumar where he asked some questions like, “What do you like about the design? What do you hate about it? What did we get right? What would you like to see us improve?” These are all the difficult question that a company faces in order to come up a new smartphone. Though it looks simple, but it’s not a simple process. A lot of thinking goes into it, mainly focusing on what the customers want, and what better way to do that then by asking the customers themselves.

There are some risks to this kind of approach as well but Google is ready to take on them. Generally as of now customers want a lot of things to be changed and improved. Like thinner bezels, SD card option, water resistance and everyone’s favorite front facing stereo speakers.

When it comes to technology not everyone can be made happy. Though Google will listen to their customers but they cant implement everything that customers want into a single device, that’s just not possible. In the end there would be disappointed customers. But what Google does right is offering a perfect Android experience that everyone seems to be happy with.

Congratulations teachers, students and administrators! Google and Education hand in hand

What do you want Google to add or change in their next Google Pixel smartphone ?