Being the director of a huge platform like Google is not easy. As the director of Google named Adrian Ludwig, showed his concerns. According to him it’s not an easy task to keep track of 6 billion apps that are running on 750 million, Android smartphones everyday.

The director of Google has a vision. Where it’s easier to do what he does everyday. He wants to make a new Eco-system. With the help of which Google would only have to secure one device in order to secure all other android devices in the world. Though it sounds easy, but is not the case in reality. According to Adrian Ludwig “It’s stunning to me what the ecosystem has done and how we’ve gone about building it, and the more I think about scale, the more overwhelming it gets. ‘’

What Adrian wants is way into the future. But currently Google uses 3 ways to secure the broad scale of Android phones out there, that include:


When it comes to protection of personal data or apps. One can only rely on encryption to be the safest. Android did include encryption back in 2014 with the launch of Android Lollipop. But back then, only one percent of Android users were using it on their phones.

Same is not the case in 2017 though. As with the launch of Android 7.0 nougat, things have changed a lot. Where Google is proud to say that 80% of Android users now have use of encryption on their phones.

google android lollipop 50 encryption default falls through privacy secure security How Google Deals With Securing Android In 2017
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Red-Flagging Bad Apps:

The security team at Google does it by monitoring all the apps currently present on the Android store. Including application behavior, software code as well as the feedback of the customers using it. If a certain App is not up to the mark, Google simply red -flags it.

The Camera Applications which provide better result than Android Camera
Dont install unauthorized Android apps How Google Deals With Securing Android In 2017
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Security Services:

Google knew their platform would be big someday. Keeping that in mind, Google has also prepared for it with some security features that Android uses today. Like Android Device manager as well as Apps verification. Which asks permission before installing suspicious apps.

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Aside from these three, Ludwig and his security team are constantly working on developing new ways of securing Google’s Android platform and maybe one day, Ludwig will achieve his dream.