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Google to design their own CPU for their Android Smartphones as Apple


We wrote about Google’s Fuchsia OS a few weeks ago, technically it’s an unconfirmed OS but the hints are strong that Google is working on it. Now we want to close the loop on this whole story and focus on the recent story that Google maybe looking at designing it’s own mobile CPU often referred as a system on a chip a SoC. Having a custom SoC is very important if you are a phone provider that provides the OS in hardware. Apple ran into some roadblocks when they were developing the iPhone and the iOS and they were using the Samsung SoC.

Basically if you want to achieve a 100% optimization and performance using off-the-shelf part is not the ideal situation that’s why Apple went their own route and design their own A series CPU. Google has already realize that because their phone sales are nowhere near Apple, it wasn’t economically feasible then but now Google has so many hardware plays like: Google Home, Google Pixel tablets, Google Router, Chrome Cast which are just the beginning of these hardware’s that Google are making and selling.

It’s now economically feasible to design a custom SoC so, all these products can use it. Google and the other OEM’s are the too reliant on Qualcomm and Snapdragon. Snapdragon is a great CPU for mobile phone, still a general purpose mobile CPU that is design to work on all hardware and OS. Even if Google comes with a lightweight ultra fast new Fuchsia OS and the CPU is still on and off-the-shelf component then Google is back in the same spot as Android is today. A bottom-to-top approach is perfect solution for Google and that is something they want.


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