%name Google is thwarting its employees from doing this

A product manager for Google has taken legal action against the company over its confidentiality policies and claims that Google has its own internal spying program that they utilize on their own employees which breach California’s labor laws. The employee desired to remain anonymous.
The lawsuit states that the tech Goliath operates an internal spying program in order to prevent employees from leaking any information or talking about the company. The lawsuit charges Google with the prevention of its employees to discuss anything within the company like wages, conditions of the work place and violations in the company.

l1 Google is thwarting its employees from doing this

The lawsuit states “Google’s motto is ‘don’t be evil. Google’s illegal confidentiality agreements and policies fail this test.” The lawsuit claims that Google does not want their employees to voice their concerns even to the company’s attorneys because the revelation could possibly fall in the hands of law enforcement. The employees are prevented from revealing any kind of information about the company to the government even if the company breaks laws. Google also unlawfully prevents employees from seeking work outside of the company because they cannot use the skills they have learned at another organization which incredibly limits their job opportunities outside of Google.

l3 Google is thwarting its employees from doing this

The lawsuit also talks about their internal spying program called “Stop Leaks” which tells employees to report other employees that are leaking information or are asking too many questions about a project. Under Google policies the employees are obliged to report “leaks.” If the workers violate Google’s policies, their jobs are terminated. According to a Google co-founder, anyone who leaks confidential information would be fired. Google may be fined as much as $3.8 billion if found guilty of violating the labor laws of California.

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