The Google Tez payment app is receiving major updates for the users in India. With the new updates, the users will now pay their utilities and other bills by using Tez payment app. Initially Google allows its Tez users to make payment transactions from a bank account. The service was launched about a few months in India. The others follow specific Unifies Payment Interface Protocol for the payment transactions over a bank account.

mpIK5 Google Tez payments app is receiving major updates, Now users will perform more functions for utility payments

According to the report, less or more 80 organizations, including national/state electric, gas and water, and TV/internet services are allowing its users to pay utility payments by using Tez. Many other organizations are also facilitating the users for payment through Tez. When a user is recurring billing, you will receive a notification for the due bill via this app.

Moreover, the users can also visit and see the previous bills details and can manage it for multiple purposes. According to the report Google wrote in a blog post as:

“We’ve designed bill payments to be the most convenient way to manage life’s expenses, so you can pay right from your bank account in just a few taps. We can’t wait for you to try it out and see how much time you save.”

However, the app is receiving updates. 12 million users are relaying on Google Tez payment app for their utility payments. Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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